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Locator Beacons save lives – wear a locator beacon to explore NZ

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3 DAYS - $30.

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Every year thousands of people come to New Zealand or get out of the city for the weekend to enjoy the pristine environment, stunning scenery and thrilling adventures on offer in our great outdoors.
A locator beacon can mean the difference between a swift rescue and spending hours or even days wandering lost or lying injured in a remote part of New Zealand’s dense native bush and forest plantations, high mountain ranges, winding river valleys or rugged coastline.
That is why the Southland Locator Beacon Trust was established: to provide a personal locator beacon hire service for travellers and lovers of the outdoors throughout New Zealand.

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Locator Beacons For Hire
  ARC Locator Beacon
  PLB worn on belt

Look for this sign for PLB hire all over NZ

With over 30 locations all over New Zealand, you can hire a personal locator beacon wherever you venture. Look for this sign outside our outlets where PLBs are available.

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ACR locator beacons

We hire out the latest  ACR locator beacons with built-in GPS locator chips. Made from durable ABS high impact/ high visibility plastic to withstand the rugged New Zealand terrain.

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Be safe with a PLB

Whether you are hiking,
fishing, or hunting, whatever you are doing to enjoy our amazing outdoors, we strongly recommend you always wear a beacon.

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These state of the art Personal Locator beacons would suit any adventure you want to go in New Zealand, they are small, lightweight, durable and super functional. they are not so big as to be a hindrance to you and come in a comfortable 'High Viz' pouch and wide nylon gut strap so that you can wear them on your person at ALL times you are out moving around.

We STRONGLY recommend that you don't put them into your pack and carry them that way.. if you are separated from your pack for any reason, then become lost or injured... you need it to be with you... NOT in your pack.

What does the Southland Locator Beacon Trust do?

It’s a fact: Personal Locator Beacons or PLBs save lives. The Southland Locator Beacon Trust provides hire facilities for locator beacons to make enjoying the outdoors safer.

We currently use the high specification model from the ACR locator beacon product range
They have the 66 channel  GPS chip and built in Strobe Light. They are all waterproof and will float, and are built from durable ABS high impact/ high visibility plastic so will stand up to the rugged terrain here in New Zealand.
Since we began in 1994 there has never been a failure with the ACR products. During that time there have been over 250 people rescued. Of those 250, more than 80 would have lost their life or sustained permanent injury had they not had a Personal Locator Beacon with them.

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Active PLB monitoring for rapid and precise SAR response

When you hire a personal locator beacon from the Southland Locator Beacon Trust, we don’t forget you. We monitor our database every day. If you don’t return when you said you would on the hire form, we’ll start looking for you!

More about the Locator Beacon and how it works

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need rescuing*, simply activate your PLB and position it so it has as clear of a view of the sky as possible.. The signal from the transmitting Beacon is picked up by satellites that orbit the earth, and the signal relayed to the Search and Rescue Unit closest to the area where the signal is coming from. Then a search is mounted by the NZ Rescue Coordination Centre to find the missing person with the beacon.

The Trust has around 40 outlets throughout New Zealand, in both the North and South Islands where our PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) are available for hire. Click on the 'Outlets' Tab to see where you can hire one. Or call us and we  are happy to help with Sales  or hires.

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