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Milford Track Rescue

While on vacation from the United States, I decided to walk the Milford Track, so I hired a personal locator beacon from the gas station in Te anau to take with me (Best thing I ever did).  I was going over Dore Pass on the first day and got into the trees about 2 or 3 km from Glade house and  I lost the trail, I must have taken a wrong turn, so I looked for a way down to where I thought the trail was but it seemed that every option had a 15 to 30 metre drop.  The soil gave way and I slipped on one of the edges - I fell a little way and grew concerned, every step I took the earth was soft and I was frightened of falling.
I activated my Locator beacon because I thought there was no way I could go any further and I feared for my safety, in a matter of less than 2 hours  I heard the helicopter and I was rescued. While waiting for my rescue, I found a safe place I could sleep and  wondered if  I should  turn off my  Locator Beacon, but after being rescued, I was told to NEVER turn my Locator beacon off after activating it. When the Beacon is activated, it starts a chain reaction, and a  Search is initiated, if the Beacon is turned off, the rescue crews don't know if it has been turned off because you are OK or  the  beacon may have malfunctioned. So never turn your beacon off until you are rescued. The crew would rather find you and talk to you to make sure you are OK.