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Rescue by Locator Beacon

I fell while tramping the Motatapu trek and injured my spine and hip bone. I couldn’t walk properly the next morning after resting a night at the Rose hut.

Fortunately we rented a Locator Beacon at DOC Qweenstown when we were registering for the trek. Immediately my brother activated the rescue call at 12noon.

We were all so relief when we saw a helicopter approaching us at around 1.30pm. There were 1 pilot and 2 rescue crews. 

The rescue team was very detail and careful prior to the evacuation procedure. They asked a few questions regarding my injury and took all personal information. 

Upon arrival at the nearest hospital in Wanaka, they helped me to get on to a stretcher and handover to the nurse together with the full report of what happened to me.

I am thankful to have the Locator Beacon with me. A very good experience learned.