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Thank you for the availability and accuracy of the Locator Beacon

My trip started some 5 days earlier, but on the day of my rescue, I was navigating between topo points from gps guidance and unmarked terrain. It was pretty tough going, but I was sticking to ridge lines on the tops to make it easier. I got to one point where the GPS  tried to guide me down to another, and I had an idea that a blazed trail may have been closer to the edge of the lake. 

Unfortunately it wasn't closer , and I sidled down some very steep terrain making it very difficult to progress any further. The major problem I had was that it was going to make my departure date for the trip overdue, which would set off concerns for both my family and the rental company, and ultimately lead to a large scale  search with no idea of where I am to be found.
I could have stayed the night and continued the following day, possibly getting out of the difficult point I had walked into, but I could see it wasn't going to be a good idea. 

It took some consideration and time for me to come to decide to activate the Locator Beacon, and once I did, I felt a sense of guilt as it is a serious tool for  serious  situations, but I knew it was ultimately  the right thing to do. 

The helicopter was there in around one hour and did an amazing job pin pointing my location thanks to the beacon, and  rescuing me from my predicament. They were very skilled operators,  I cannot say that enough. So thanks to the Southern Lakes Helicopters team and  Southland Locator Beacons.

Thank you for the Availability and accuracy of the Locator Beacon!

Adam Smith
New Zealand

The rescue team commented that had Adam not had a Locator Beacon, it would have been  EXTREMELY difficult to find him. But with the Beacon... they were able to fly directly to him.