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You guys saved my ass, no doubts about that...

Woke up to clouds but no rain and set off from the Top Forks Hut. Hike up to waterfall face was steep one. Ascent over the face was O.k., some parts you’d try but come back down to try again from a different direction. I eventually got over the face and into the upper valley of the Rabbit Pass. A breezy walk to what turned into a disaster. I got to a saddle and based off the description of visual landmarks, the marker at the top of the saddle and no mention of another route branching off the Rabbit Route, I took this valley as the Rabbit Pass Valley.
This was incorrect.
I started down the valley and while my compass was telling me one thing, the map and route description were telling me another. In the end I followed the latter and ended up deep in the mountains, forcing my way down the “Pearson” valley to a river I believed would lead down to Junction flat, but it ended up taking me to the back of Mt Aspiring. The terrain became increasingly difficult until I had literally trapped myself in a ravine with no way out but forward.
Based on my situation and growing bad feeling, I knew that to continue forward would severely increase my risk of injury or worse. I then set off my Locator Beacon for SAR to save my ass from myself. I spent the night in the ravine during a storm which delayed the rescue until the morning the following day. SAR flew up the valley and after spotting me, landed, broke out the ropes and got me out of there in no time.
Obviously my pride was humbled setting off the Beacon, but only up until I saw where on the map I was and where I was going. I was getting into deeper trouble every step, attempting to push onwards.
Without any doubt, had I not had that Locator Beacon, I would have ended up miles away from any trail, beyond any hope of being spotted from a Search and Rescue.
To the boys at SAR, thanks for saving my ass.
And to anyone looking to tramp in unfamiliar terrain, bring a Locator Beacon, don’t think twice about it.