Flameless Lighter, Camo Design for Outdoor Survival in Gift Box


Why spend hundreds on disposable lighters that harm the environmentwhen you can own a revolutionary, eco-friendly USB rechargeable lighter. This electric lighter is specifically engineered to work in any weather, in any condition, and save you money. This lighter features great exterior design and colors. Whether you’re lighting tobacco products, or firing up charcoal in the grill, this lighter gets the job done every time.

what is a plasma lighter anyway? 
A plasma lighter, unlike regular lighters, does not use sparks and fuels. They work an electrical arc develops between ceramic electrodes. This arc is by far hotter than a flame and would light materials faster. It is what the Plasma Lighter Outdoor Waterproof Tool does. In some ways, it is far safer than the typical lighter because it does not contain any flammable liquid. It also does not create big flames. Plasma lighter tools have safety features that prevent electrical arcs from forming when it’s closed. They also won’t be affected by the wind.


Pros of a Plasma Lighter 
Has a battery that recharges, and if you’re bringing power banks when camping out, it’ll juice up on power nicely. You may even charge it through your PC, laptop, and with your car’s cigarette lighter. To use, open the buckle and press the silver switch by the fastener. It’ll create a purple colored arc that will immediately light firewood or dried materials to start a fire. It has a USB port by the mouth of the lighter. It also comes in a lanyard that you can comfortably wear like a necklace. It’s waterproof so water won’t be leaking into it. When enjoying the outdoors


Product Specifications
Type: Dual Arc
Material: ABS+Zinc Alloy 
Adapter Input: DC 5.0(+-0.25V)
Charging Time: <2 hours
Size: 49 X 47.5 X 17.5mm
Package Including: 1 lighter,1 usb cable,1 strong lanyard
Package weight: 90g
Features: waterproof, windproof, dual arc, portable, safety
Usage: Outdoor activity, camping, climbers, explorers, BBQ

Plasma Lighter Waterproof Windproof Electronic Dual Arc USB Rechargeable


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